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InFyra is an IoT & Telecoms specialist consultancy, with extensive global and local experience in business and technology strategy, networks and solutions development.

We work with enterprises and governments across a number of industry sectors, including Smart Cities, Transport, Utilities and Telecommunications.

InFyra can help your organisation

  • Explore IoT markets & opportunities
  • Prepare business cases
  • Evaluate IoT/Emerging technologies and platforms

  • Develop IoT/Emerging Tech solutions
  • Find the right IoT Ecosystem partners
  • Plan for IoT operational readiness

Smart City

IoT Reference Framework

There exists a number of IoT reference architectures. Most are, however, vendor-specific, which means these IoT architectures have been created specifically for their products and solutions. On the other hand, there also exists IoT frameworks that are quite comprehensive, conceptual, and complex. This results in many different definitions for IoT.

An IoT Reference Framework, figure 1, has been created to provide a generic framework, with the intention to serve as a reference for a number of purposes.

iot reference framework
Figure 1: The 10-Layered IoT Reference Framework

This 10-layered IoT Reference Framework

  • is vendor-neutral
  • provides a "common language" which can facilitate and simplify IoT conversations between IoT vendors / service providers (IoT Supply Side) and IoT solution owners (IoT Demand Side)
  • enables IoT solution owners and providers clearly articulate their requirements and responses
  • enables an IoT solution to be presented in multiple viewpoints, providing industry context, business, user and implementation aspects
  • can be used to develop specific application, framework, or architecture for a particular vertical.

This IoT Reference Framework, is currently being used as a foundation for the development of an IoT Security Architecture Framework, for the IoT Alliance Australia.

It is the intention of the author of this framework that it is made available for all, for non-commercial use. The IoT Reference Framework is available under a Creative Commons | Attribution | Non-Commercial | Share-Alike 4.0 International License.

Further development work on making this IoT Reference Framework useful to the IoT Community is currently in the work. To learn more about it, get in touch with us.

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